• Let's talk about Science: Young Immigrants and Work
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This program is about young immigrants, who have talked with us about their experiences at school and work, and how important German language skills are. Especially for integration.

Many young foreigners here in Austria have problems with the German language which often limit job opportunities and make social integration more difficult. Also the family education level play an important role in there individual development of young people. Some immigrants between 16 and 26 years were questioned regarding this subject.
In this program we will talk about the project „youth, migration and work“ which was done last year by the Austrian Institute for Youth Research.
The head of the department for youth consultation at the AMS- the Austrian public employment services, talked about his experiences with young unemployed immigrants.
This research revealed that in order to be successful in the working world, one needed to be proficient in the German language and to have some basic education or working skills. But the Austrian education system still handicap young immigrants.

Johanna Blum – Austrian Institute for Youth Research in Vienna
Dieter Zimmermann – head of the department for youth consultation at the AMS- the Austrian public employment services in Salzburg
Youth – Haydeé Jiménez, Anja Vasiliæ, Oggi Veličkoviæ, Almir Hasanoviæ

Arrangement: Barbara Meikl, Radiofabrik, with vocal help from Manuel Horeth and Hannes Eichmann (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
Concept: Radiofabrik, Universität Salzburg, Fachbereich Kommunikationswissenschaft (Prof.in Dr.in Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink, Mag.a Christina Ortner)
Language: English
Notice: This program was produced with financial support of the European Union (6. Frameprogram, Science and Society). The European Union is not responsible for the content of the program.

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