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this episode of ´a palaver´ is a documentation of the the homage to Jan held at the beginning of december 2010 in vienna.
With numberous guests and experts we have tried to figure out the importance of his work and find how his legacy could positivly influence the future of architecture. We have recorded a lot of different statements which we present in this documentation.

After a brief introduction to Kaplickys life, Jakub Wagner talks about the expirience of making a documentary on Jan Kaplicky, which is called ´profil´and was finished in 2004. Than Tatiana Daskova a key activist for the ne building of the czech national library talks first hand about how and why the project was suspended. From Prague we have received written answers on the same topic, by Vlastimil Jezek, who was the director of the Czech National library during that time and who wrote a book on that story. Than we talk with Eliška Kaplická Fuchsová who took over the responsibility to deal with the many unresolved tasks Jan left behind after his sudden death. She was producing the movie ´profile´and currently workd on a movie called ´eye above prague´which should be presented on Jan´s birthday in 2010. Beside that she tries to organize the realization of at least one building of future systems in Prague, which could be the Budvar concert hall and she deals with most important topic: rising their daughter Johanna.
At the end of the episode Ivan Margolius talks about the work that has to be done in order to publish and document the all the projects and ideas by Jan Kaplicky.

the homage to Jan Kaplicky was supported by:

Bundesministerium für Unterricht und Kunst
Tschechisches Zentrum in Wien
Universität für Angewandte Kunst
Institut for Architecture

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