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Yes folks, when it comes to conscious Roots Reggae, there is no way around I Grade Records. This outstanding label is responsible for releasing some of the finest Roots-tunes ever recorded outside of Jamaica… Midnite, Abjah and Dezarie are just a few of the artists who work with I Grade Records.

Now two new I Grade-releases hit the streets – Austrian massive, hear them first here on this Roots-Edition of Ackee & Saltfish:

* ARMY – Rasta Awake
* NIYORAH – A Different Age

Yes, that’s one hour of heavyweight I Grade-Reggae… can’t say you’ve never been warned, can you?

For more infos on all I Grade-productions or to order them online, go to: http://www.igraderecords.com


Thomas Kriz (Produzent/in)

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25. Juni 2005
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27. Oktober 2006
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25. Juni 2005, 19:00
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