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Yes, that’s the album the worldwide massive has been waiting for eagerly: I Wayne’s debut „Lava Ground“. Tunes like „Living In Love“, „Can’t Satisfy Her“ or the title track „Lava Ground“ were monster-hits in 2005… but can I Wayne live up to the high expectations with his first full-length album? We do think so… hear it for yourself on this Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish!

If you like Reggae, chances are you also like Dub… now combine that with a heavy dose of Jazz, and you’ll have a wicked combination. You’ll have Dub Guerilla, to be exact – and you’ll love it… also on this A&S-Roots Edition.

plus: a whole heap of our favorites – smuggeld in for your host’s pleasure. Can’t say you’ve never been warned, can you?


Thomas Kriz (Produzent/in)

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27. August 2005
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27. Oktober 2006
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27. August 2005, 19:00
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