Nichi Mlebom – Be my Guest

IndieRE Featured Song
  • Features Song 01 - Nichi Mlebom
04:55 Min.
Crush - Where Flowers Grow
04:46 Min.
Tony Renaissance - Ice Blue
05:00 Min.
BIRD OF THE YEAR - Never Meant To Be Alive
05:09 Min.
INTUITION - discipline & convenience

Hello and welcome to this brand new year with a brand new series here on Radio Helsinki.

This is Lilly Vanilli of the cultural department and I proudly present the IndieRE featured song – segment. For the next two years Radio Helsinki will take part in an international project called IndieRE independent radio exchange

8 European community radios & networks will expand your musical horizon with a total of 88 broadcasts, presenting current musical highlights of their respective independent scene & every week a unique song gets special attention with the “featured song” segment. 

Listen up as our musical exchange around Europe will start in February, and until then let me present some of my personal featured songs.

To kick things off let’s keep it international and listen to an act rooted in Graz and currently based in Brno in the Czech Republic – Nichi Mlebom with their Banger „Be my Guest“.

Picture: video still from a Resistor Sound Session with Nichi Mlebom – you can watch the whole session here.

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