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59:59 Min.
The New Music Christmas
55:28 Min.
New Music In The Making - Part I
53:05 Min.
Soliloquy - music for instrument(s) alone
59:57 Min.
Bridging History and Present in Sound - An Interview with Alyssa Aska
56:42 Min.
Gender and feminism in contemporary music - special edition for IWD 2021
57:29 Min.
the architecture of music
59:39 Min.
58:03 Min.
A Voice of Her Own - Composing with and for female voices
58:24 Min.
Sound and Space and Sounds in Space

We all need some escape sometimes. Enter another world in our minds. In this episode of Radio Schallfeld, we are taking you on a trip through sonic worlds that create space for imagined and real identities, ghosts and vampires, for science fiction and sonic technological fictions. This is a great remix of music and throughts on sound, music and fiction as well as it creates fictions of its own, a swirl of sonic imaginations, fantasies or nightmares. Close your eyes and enter the vortex.

Music and comments (in order of appearance):

Delia Derbyshire on her music (from: „The Delian Mode“)

Björk – Utopia

Adriana Hölszky – Vampirabile

Denovaire – Sweet Terraforma

Peter Ablinger – An den Mond

Luigi Nono – excerpt from an Interview (1989)

Holger Schulze – Sonic Fiction (excerpt from a lecture, May 2021)

Dystopia – The Aftermath

Chra – FXXX

Rdeca Raketa – wir werden

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