Treasure Island in peril? Keynote by biogeographer Severin Irl

Hörbare Alpen: Der CIPRA Podcast
  • Treasure Island in peril? Keynote by biogeographer Severin Irl
29:35 Min.
«Boden für Alle»! Kuratorin Karoline Mayer im Gespräch
20:49 Min.
« Passage délicat » Quand protéger les sols permet de préserver le futur
26:22 Min.
Olimpiadi invernali: non c’è traccia di sostenibilità
24:49 Min.
Wie gehen hohe Lebensqualität und Nachhaltigkeit zusammen? Interview mit Florian Knaus
20:39 Min.
#alpinechangemaker ideas for a good life in the Alps
09:05 Min.
"An amazing opportunity" / Travelling sustainably through the Alps with YOALIN
20:21 Min.
«We can create a space of inspiration» // Interview with the new Co-Presidents of CIPRA (Part 2)
21:26 Min.
«It is a strength!» // Interview with the new Co-Presidents of CIPRA(Part 1)
23:31 Min.
Sprechen Sie Alpen? Im Gespräch mit den Dialektforscher:innen von «VerbaAlpina»
22:35 Min.
Feuer in den Alpen 2021: Wasserhaushalt im Klimawandel
What do mountains and oceanic islands have in common? What are sky islands? And what do biodiversity, endemism and the impacts of climate change have to do with all of this? Find out in this shortened version of the keynote „Treasure Island in peril? Insights from oceanic islands and their relevance for the Alps and other mountain Systems“ by Severin Irl. He is a Professor of Biogeography, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services at the Goethe University Frankfurt. He spoke at the online bee conference „Let’s bee together“, the final event of the BeeAware! project.

Over the past three years, the BeeAware! project has inspired communities throughout the Alpine Arc to protect wild bees and honey bees, and thereby improving the livelihoods of these important pollinators. CIPRA implemented BeeAware! in cooperation with the community network «Alliance in the Alps» and the «Alpine Town of the Year» association. The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and other third-party sources.

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