VENUSfrequency yogic edition 23 OCT 2020 I YIN YOGA I sutra 1.13 I ShivoHAM

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 23 OCT 2020 I YIN YOGA I sutra 1.13 I ShivoHam
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FROM ancient times yogis have postulated that there are three levels of human embodiment: 

a CAUSAL body of thought and believe

an ASTRAL body of emotion and desire

and a PHYSICAL body of material substance. 

Our three bodies are knit together and influence one another through special centers in the spine and brain called CHAKRAS. Spiritual adepts assert that our consciousness is not limited to these embodiments and that it can expand beyond them and experience a union with all things in the universe, a union that is fulfilling beyond anything our presently limited existence can offer us. The systematic methods that disentangle our consciousness from our bodies are collectively referred to as the science of yoga. 

YOGA and meditation, specifically chakra meditation makes us aware of our emotional attachments and mental misconceptions. If we can patiently dissolve these knots, then our energy and consciousness can slip free of all three bodies and expand into realms of unimagined wisdom and bliss. 

Paul Grilley in his book YIN YOGA principal and practices

and this is ANNEMARIE in full human embodiment

back from a one week deep dive into the studies and practice of YIN YOGA and human anatomy with one of my favorite teachers who has walked with me already for the past 4 years now,  the AMAZING Markus Henning Giess of YIN Therapy and in the lineage of Paul Grilley

and you are listening to VENUSfrequency, 

living and sharing a pop|culture way of the YOGA, MEDITATION and humanENERGYworker lifestyle, insupport of a more mindful and healing world

the place of immersion into the world of highest roams of YIN YOGA, physical, astral and causal worlds was the beautiful SAMPURNA SEMINAR House in Germany and I found myself amongst these beautiful souls of dedicated YIN YOGA TEACHERS who contributed each and every song for this PLAYLIST as musical postcard from us to you and as a souvenir of making memories that last a lifetime. 

and this one will be known as sampurnpa YIN4 2020 soundtrack

TODAYS show, a bit more about the YIN matters that stirred up and saddled down our vrittis last week, sutra 1.13 and the SHIVOHAM mantra.

and as -Pema Chödrön says… Like all explorers, we are drawn to discover what’s out there without knowing yet, if we have the courage to face it.

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  1. Liebe, das ist wirklich sehr fein, wie Du in einfachen Worten diese komplexen Zusammenhänge erzählst! Ich liebe Deine Stimme und Intonation und Dein Englisch – super! Ich freu mich auf weitere Sendungen von Dir!
    Big hug and namaste Ursula

    • daaaaaaaaanke für dein feedback. so fein. diese sendung und die damit kreierten vibes, die ich in die welt und zu beautiful souls like you schicken darf, really makes my heart sing. und es freut mich so wenn’s auch genauso ankommt. uiiiii, so nice to have you in my world! xoxo love und nameste, annemarie of VENUSfrequency


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