Now its dark Oct IV

Now it’s dark
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Now its dark jan 2 2022 set 1
Now its dark Jan 1 set 1 Glenn Rivera
Now its dark Jan 1 set 2 Glenn Rivera
Now its dark dec 5 set 2
Now its dark dec. 4 set 1
Now its dark dec. 4 set 2
Now its dark dec. 2 set 1
Now its dark dec. 2 set 2
Now its dark dec. 1 set 2
Now its dark dec. 1 set 1

BING CROSBY“Temptation“(1933)
SHEILA B. DEVOTION“Singing In The Rain“(LP/1977/Casablanca)
THE CAGE FT. NONA HENDRYX“Do What Ya Wanna Do“(12″/Long Version/1982)
SILVETTI“Sun After The Rain“(LP/“Concert From The Stars“/1978)
ARTIE SHAW“Begin The Beguine“
THE PHILARMONICS“Spring“(LP/“Four New Seasons“/1978/Biram)
GIBSON BROTHERS“Cuba“(Losmmi Kyba Edit)
VA“The Megamix“(2xLP/“Warparty“/Mixed By Blade Runners/1990/Warlock)
IRIVING AARONSON“Lets Misbehave“(LP/“Cole Porter Collection“/1928)
SIREN“Open Up For Love“(12″/LongVersion/1979/Midsong)
SISTER SLEDGE“Got To Love Somebody“(12″/Long Version/1979/Cotillion)
EVELYN THOMAS“Hi Energy“/EARLENE BENTLEY“Caught In The Act“(2×12″/Edited By Chris Lucas&Ossi Bashiri/Music Factory)
ANTIFLUX“La Tempestad“(LP/VA/“Paranoia Musique Vol.2/2017)
NINE CIRCLES“Dark City“(LP/“Alice“/2014)
Coil „The Dark Age Of Love“
Happy Jazz!“Just as friends“
Judy Garland & Barbra Streisand“Happy day`s are here again“
GIORGIO“In My Wildest Dreams“(GR)
THE MISZ“The Spinach Of Kiev(Part 2)“(LP/VA/“Underground Wave Vol. 3/Walhalla)
Ross & Jackson“Ease on down the road“(Ost/“The Wiz“/Extended/1978/Motown)
Zmaj“Now, Voyager“(Featured Song/Radio Muse/2018/Radio Student Zagreb)
ZoZo“Ich versteh gar nichts mehr“
Dawn Tallman“Save a place on the dancefloor for me“ (Glenn Thornton’s Slaag Tribute Mix/2018/Westend)
The Black Bottom Dance Group“Black Bottom“(1926)
Camo & Krooked(Djset at Vienna Ferris Wheel (excerpt 2020)
Two Lone Swardsmen“Wrong Meeting“ (T-Bar Remix)
Schaltkreis Wassermann „Gogogo Mode“ splitted with part´s from Glitch Art Experimental Film „waves, sun and moon“

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