Lightyears ahead

Post-Normal – Wie wir uns die Zukunft denken
  • Lightyears ahead: New rules for gender roles at home and in public life
Zivilgesellschaftliche Allianzen reloaded
Graz 2030 im Klima des Wandels - Ein spekulatives, kollektives Zukunftshörprojekt
Zukunft verdichten
Oh my god - and Corona!
I don't believe in normal
Krisenerprobt? Alter im Gespräch
Die gemischten Gefühle der Generation Z
Automatisch ändert eine Krise gar nichts!
Eine Zukunft urbaner Landwirtschaft
Westbahnpark: Wann, wenn nicht jetzt?

JG Danso is Resident Poet of the Villa Vida Café Vienna and an intersectional equalities advisor. In this show she will read two poems ‚Croc in quarantine‘ and ‚In a Drag Box‘. The poems and discussion looks at the ways in which post normal Corona presents an opportunity to dismantle traditional gender roles at home and why this is urgently needed. She also talks about her love of drag as an artform and the hope that Corona will increase the number of public safer spaces for queer gender expression, both on and offline.

In a Drag Box is a poem taken from JG Danso’s illustrated poetry exhibit “Inaugurations” which is currently on at the Villa Vida Café  at the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa, one of Vienna’s oldest LGBTQA+ community centers. Her work can also be found online on Facebook and Instagram @ JGDanso.

Audio Editor: Heather Marina Saenz

Show links: Interview with JG Danso on black queer liberation

Artists featured in Inaugurations Exhibit:

La Vienísima (Austria): @lavienisima and Facebook

Ani Ganzala (Brazil):@ganzalarts

LOLA Herself (Portugal): @lolaherself and Lolaherself on Facebook

Patroqle (France): @patroqle and

Zahira Kelly-Cabrera (U.S.A. + Dominican Republic): @bad_dominicana2.0 , columns and artwork @

Pea the Feary (U.S.A.): @peathefeary,

Brandon Paints (U.S.A.): @brandonpaints

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