VENUSfrequency yogic edition 04 SEP 2020 I sutra 1.7, santosha, element water

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 04 SEP 2020 I sutra 1.7, santosha, element water
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Be content with what you have, 

Rejoice in the way things are. 

When you realize that there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you!” 


this is annemarie of VENUSfrequency,  

content & rejoicing in the way things are,  

with you in my live, nothing is lacking 

living and sharing

a pop|culture way of the YOGA, Meditation & ENERGYworker lifestyle,

… in support of a more mindful and healing world.


The WHOLE WORLD belongs to us! 



And as Krischnamacharya says,  

YOGA Is a process 

Of replacing old patterns with new and more appropriate patterns.  



and diving deep into  

appropriate patterns of sound waves and arrangements of musical notes 

with a carefully curated playlists of processes by these artistic souls  

@mosemusica and #SUYANAmusic 


@FIORAmusic and @robotkoch 



@thisismune MÜNE 











today, we are continuing with a few patanjali deep dives, NIYAMA 2 is receiving the spotlight, SANTOSHA that is, contentment and sharing that spotlight with patanjali’s SUTRA 1.7.. and then there will be the element water, as a reminder to stay in the flow and still jump into the bodies of water around us in fall!


And with SANTOSHA, contentment on her mind, I think ANAIS NIN came up with this poetic offering … 


MY mission (she sais) 

Should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who and what I am. To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws, and to stop this incessant worrying that I cannot be loved as I am. 


Oh you dearest ANAIS NIN, you are LOVED!  

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