Bridging the Gaps: Music between Composing and Improvisation, between Text and Sound

Radio Schallfeld
  • Radio Schallfeld vol.4b
59:33 Min.
an hour of sonic fiction
59:59 Min.
The New Music Christmas
55:28 Min.
New Music In The Making - Part I
53:05 Min.
Soliloquy - music for instrument(s) alone
59:57 Min.
Bridging History and Present in Sound - An Interview with Alyssa Aska
56:42 Min.
Gender and feminism in contemporary music - special edition for IWD 2021
57:29 Min.
the architecture of music
59:39 Min.
58:03 Min.
A Voice of Her Own - Composing with and for female voices
58:24 Min.
Sound and Space and Sounds in Space

As we know: music can be many things, and contemporary music sometimes is even more versatile. In this episode of Radio Schallfeld, we take a look beyond the pond and talk about music across artistic genres and forms – music bridging composition and improvisation, and music bridging text, speech and sound. A unique person to embody the crossroads of improvising and composing is Elisabeth Harnik, pianist and composer from Styria, who had a conversation with Maggie about her metier and shares her ideas. Then, Lorenzo presents „text im klang“, a project run in cooperation of Schallfeld and impuls, that challenges young composers to find new connections between literary texts and chamber music. As a sneak preview for the new „text im Klang“ this September, we take a look back to past editions and talk to some participants.

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