• VENUSfrequency yogic edition 28 AUG 2020 I sutra 1.6, YAMAS , saucha, Bhagavat Gita
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On this path, effort never goes to waste, 

And there is no failure. Even a little effort toward spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear. (chapeter 2 verse 40) Bhagavat Gita 


And this is annemarie

On this path together, filled with efforts and wastes, successes, failures, adventures and detours, awareness and fears, aliveness, breathing, loving…. You



And you are listening to


living and sharing

a pop|culture way of the YOGA, Meditation & ENERGYworker lifestyle,

… in support of a more mindful and healing world



on a road to self, a fearless path, with Horizons Shivas Rivers, Princesses and four white Feathers, by the sea with Silver lining and Lands of Anaka, without you – all titles topics and landscapes of today’s 

carefully curated playlist… #wihtLOVE  





@Zasou and @Landhouse 




@ELbuho and @VERonicaVALERIO 







as we have thorrowly looked at the YAMAS over the past few shows, we are starting to take a closer look at  NIYAMS for the next couple of weeks, have arrived at SUTRA 1.6 and as mantra of TODAY, let it be the powerful OM Namah Sivaya mantra…  

with that, kick back and enjoy, grateful for you to be in my life.  


Fremdmaterial in VENUSfrequency yogic edition 28 AUG 2020 I sutra 1.6, YAMAS , saucha, Bhagavat Gita
The Fearless Path - Drifts in Autumn by Kaya Project (cc by 4.0 )
Land of Anaka by Geoffrey Oryema (cc by 4.0 )
Silver Line by Parov Stelar (cc by 4.0 )
By the Sea by Gone Gone Beyond (cc by 4.0 )
Four White Feathers by Zazou, Landhouse (cc by 4.0 )
Om Namah Shivaya by Myriam Turenne (cc by 4.0 )
Were You thinking of me? by Yonderboi (cc by 4.0 )
Jnan (Interlude) by Oum (cc by 4.0 )
Coro del Amanecer by El Buho, Veronica Valerio (cc by 4.0 )
Horizons by Xavia (cc by 4.0 )
River - Instrumental by The Promise is Hope (cc by 4.0 )
Princess Mononoke Theme Song by Joe Hisaishi (cc by 4.0 )
Road to Self by Aisha Badru (cc by 4.0 )
Without You by Sjors Mans (cc by 4.0 )