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Playlist: texts read and music played

1. Rimsky-Korsakoff: Sheheradade – Sinbad
2. Bai Juyi: Song of Past Feelings
3. Texts on a mirror and bowl, from the Tang Dynasty
4. Du Fu: extracts from his poems
5. Plaque on Raffles Statue, Singapore
6. Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir: Raffles and his wife Olivia
7. William Blake: The Tyger
8. Recipe for the Singapore Gin Sling
9. Sam Browne: Take my Heart (late 1920s)
10. Somerset Maugham: The Force of Circumstance (short story)
11. Ravel: Trio (2nd movement: Pantoum)
12. Rudyard Kipling, on Raffles Hotel (1889)
13. Gene Austin: Ain’t She Sweet (1927)
14. Noel Coward: Mad Dogs and Englishmen (song)
15. Ogden Nash: How courteous is the Japanese..
16. David Williamson: Travelling North (from the play)
17. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders: Highland Laddie
18. ‘The Corporal and his Pal’ (by a witness at the execution)
19. Clive James: Unreliable Memoirs (extract)
20. Eric Lomax: The Railway Man (extract)
21. The Colonel Bogey March (from the film Bridge over the River Kwai)
22. Ernest Gordon: Miracle on the River Kwai (extract)
23. Hymn: Abide with Me
24. Alistair Urquart: The Forgotten Highlander (extract from his autobiography)
25. General Yamashita: The world I knew … (poem)
26. Rimsky Korsakoff: Sheherazade – The Young Prince and Princess

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