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What a joy to have Paul of Manchester´s incredibly talented band THE NEWDS join us in the studio! We ran through a bunch of songs from his band´s new album „Drawing a Line“ and talked about the impetus behind the songs and the making of.

From creating artwork with a famous person, to collaborating with a songwriter an ocean away, to finding a way through personal struggles with music, it´s an intimate, but uplifting message from THE NEWDS! The Zombies, Alice Cooper, Skip Spence, Arthur Lee, John Lennon and THE NEWDS all belong in the same breath. Yeah…they are that good. Check them out on bandcamp…you will be happy that you did!

PLUS – from across the pond a collaborator lends a song and an ear.

Give this Endless Summer show a listen, you´ll love „Drawing a Line“ and THE NEWDS!