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This episode of ZamZaman is an all womxn set of 1960’s to 1980’s Japan, my teenage gateway to the world of record collecting and music research sparked by Sheila Burgel’s online zine, ChaChaCharming. At the time before the first major U.S./European re-issues and musical archives a click away on YouTube, I spent hours searching 45s with Google translate in my high school computer room to simply listen to the records featured in Burgel’s „holy grail“ records list. This mix features songs by womxn, as well as artists such as Akiko Wada née Kim Bokja (Japanese of Korean descent) who challenge post-war and contemporary male-centered, ethnic homogenous politics in Japan.

Cha Cha Charming „What We’re Listening to“ (2003 to 2004): https://web.archive.org/web/20041011000722/http://chachacharming.com/playlist.php

„Sophisticated Boom Boom“ with Sheila B. Playlists (2015 to current): https://wfmu.org/playlists/CF


Fremdmaterial in 60's Japan Set
黄色の世界 by The J. Girls ©
You Don\\\'t Know Baby by Emy Jackson ©
恋はウムウム – エルナンド by Hernando ©
土曜の夜何かが起きる by Jun Mayuzumi ©
恋泥棒 by Chiyo Okumura ©
ビューティフルヨコハマ by Miki Hirayama ©
太陽は泣いてい by Ayumi Ishida ©
ボーイアンドガール by Akiko Wada ©
夏色のナンシ by Yu Hayami ©
天使のいたずら by Emy Jackson ©
ミニミニ・ガール by Katsuko Kanai ©
ゴールデン・ハーフの太陽の彼方 by Golden Half ©
水に流すわ by Linda Yamamoto ©
ピーコック・ベイビー by Reiko Ohara ©
十六の時 - by Miki Obata ©
Tsuiseki by Tamaki Hiroki & Jazz Friends ©
シャム猫を抱いて by Ruriko Asaoka ©
ジーンズぶるうす by Meiko Kaji ©
東京の女 by The Peanuts ©
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