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HERSTORY über Pauline Oliveros und SOUNDS von Monika Enterprise

>>> a HERSTORY on Pauline Oliveros
(*1932 Texas/Houston)
She is an American composer and accordionist, a founding member of the San Francisco Tape Music Center and The Pauline Oliveros Foundation.
>>> and the sounds of MONIKA Enterprise: Jasmin, Theresa, Barbara, Gudrun, Antye, Julia, Natalie and many more
„In this difficult day and age where music is often taken for granted, monika for one is still not afraid to delve into the unknown and support new talents.“ says monika about itself. We like that attitude and took the chance to interview with Jasmina Maschina (aka Jasmine Guffond) and Golden Diskó Ship (aka Theresa Stroetges) who recently toured Europe with their split LP City Splits #1. The first one in a coming series of a new monika edition.
Jasmine Guffond aka Jasmina Maschina is a celebrated Australian electronic musician who relocated to Berlin from Sydney in 2003 with her band MINIT (sigma editions). Over the last 10 years Jasmine has been recording and performing with Minit, exhibiting sound installations, developing works of varied scope based on the use of processed acoustic, electronic, and found sound sources. Equally interested in song, composition and free, improvised music, as Jasmina Maschina she began recording songs in her myriad of Berlin homes producing her debut solo album, ‚The Demolitions Series‘ which was released on Staubgold in 2008. Since then she has been playing throughout Europe, further developing her studio recordings with musicians Theresa Stroetges (guitar, viola, glockenspiel, high hat, zither) and Steve Heather (drums on ‘City Fever’) and all the time recording new music at home, and working with Theresa Stroetges.
Golden Diskó Ship aka Theresa Stroetges started playing songs live on her laptop since the moment she first arrived in berlin in 2007 and at the same time commenced 3 years of touring, hand made CDs, and music video production to accompany the live shows. The 27 year old sound sculptress has quickly become renowned for her imaginative blend of fragile balladry, novel use of found objects, crunchy distortion, quirky visuals and squealing bits that suggest horrific drum machine abuse.
Firmly rooted in the DIY tradition, Golden Diskó Ship has to date had a number of self-releases, the Bumblebee Behind A Tree EP (2007) & Lonesome Cowboy/Christmas Tree EP (2008). She has already gained considerable attention from the press with comparisons to d_rradio and FOURTET. The “organically cluttered singer-songwriter” lists her influences as including restlessness, chocolate, first takes, peaceful hangovers, lakes, trees, streets, bad weather, swimming pools, mistuned guitars and iceland – where she lived for 1 year. Indeed the name Golden Disko Ship comes from a rotting former party ship in the harbour of Rekyavik. Her uniquely chaotic and original music with its fragile layers of magnificently swirling sounds has fast made Golden Diskó Ship a favourite of the Berlin underground-indie scene.

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