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This show starts with a nice instrumental played by a US band called Calexico. Liuba María Hevia sings her modern version of a song written in 1935 „Veinte Años“, an example of the Cuban genre called Habanera. Great Britain is represented by the creativity of Chumbawamba, the modern folk spirit of Al stewart and the reflections of the progressive rock band Emerson Lake and Powell. Besides, you can also listen to 3 different ways of singing about war issues: a poet who expresses his love for a woman with the typical terms used in a declaration of war, an intelligent song that

urged people not to stay quiet during the years of the Brazilian dictatorship, and the meeting of an honest soldier and his queen. And we finish our trip with Ausseer Hardbradler, an Austrian band from the „new folklore“ movement. They sing a song called „Bleib bei mir“ („Stay with me“) and we invite you to stay with us and listen to the show.