or how we escape the bubble and make circularity inclusive

This edition of tipping point will be focusing on an interview that took place with

Ladeja Godina Košir – Circular Economy Leader, Moderator, Lecturer, Speaker – Founder & CEO Circular Change: www.circularchange.com / Chair of CG European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform: https://circulareconomy.europa.eu /platform/ / Visiting Professor Dosisha University Kyoto: https://www.doshisha.ac.jp/en/  / Co-leader of the research group on Circular Economy Systems at BCSSS https://www.bcsss.org/research/fields-and-groups/circular-economy-systems


Nicole Loeser – Curator, lecturer, cultural entrepreneur Director of Art and Transformation / Institute for Art and Innovation: www.art-innovation.org EU project lead / EU co-funded project seeking for solutions against the plastic epidemic: www.universal-sea.org loeser@art-innovation.org