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To define a dwelling place, for a terrestrial, is to list what it needs for its subsistence, and, consequently, what it is ready to defend, with its own life if need be. This holds as true for a wolf as for a bacterium, for a business enterprise as for a forest, for a divinity as for a family.
Bruno Latour – Down to Earth

The year is 3019, the atmosphere has sunk to 50 cm, the sun burns the earth’s surface and people hide in caves and dig in the earth for food and riches of past civilizations. The elite has retreated to “red” and left the earth to the impoverished 99% and their fate. Humans long for the top, but still have to crawl because getting up is deadly. A new man enters the colony cave and messes things up. Will he possibly crawl up? And what will he find there?

Text by Barbara Huber, Karl Schönswetter & Peter Wetzelsberger
Voices by Daniela Fürst, Barbara Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Jürgen Rendl, Karl Schönswetter, Peter Wetzelsberger

The play uses excerpts of:

  • Dream on my Nazareth
  • Atemlos durch die Nacht by Helene Fischer
  • Wenn ich einmal reich wär’ by Ivan Rebrov
  • Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush
  • Step by Step by NKOTB
  • Radia Show 753: Space Audacity by Soundart Radio

The play uses sounds from freesound.org:

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Barbara Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Daniela Fürst, Jürgen Rendl, Karl Schönswetter, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Peter Wetzelsberger
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