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…with Dancing Shiva and Mikki Sixx


All you need is:

1 pack of bake-ready cookie-dough (as sold in many supermarkets) 400g-package

1 bottle of wine, whiskey or other alcohol which comes in big 0,7l-bottles (Attention: Please use only round bottles!)

1 sheet of baking paper

1 set of biscuit stamps (as sold in Europe by for instance Tchibo)


Roll out the dough with the wine bottle.
Cut out motives as you like and with any forms you have at hand (if you punkrockers don’t have any forms, take different glasses and use them as a form!).

Then prepare words, names and such things with your biscuit stamps set and press them into the cutted out cookies.


 Baking and Serving Instructions:

First: Preheat your oven up to 200°C.

Second: …same as the first!

Third: Bake your cookies until they’re golden brown.

Fourth: Then leave them on a big plate to cool out for a while.

Fifth: Put them in a metal box for storage or serve immediately to friends and family.

Enjoy and have a merry christmas!

Yours sincerely, Turbojugend Salzburg!

 P.S: If you need more baking ideas, please see our last years X-Mas-blog with our famous and incredible „Denim Blue Cookies™“-recipe! Just click here: