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  • 2019 05 Medicine, SGLT-2 inhibitors type 2 diabetes, Antipsychotics intensive care unit
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The first important medical topic from 2018 today: SGLT-2 inhibitors have proven themselves for type 2 diabetes.
A meta-analysis was published in 2018. The first approval of this drug class was quick, with surrogate endpoints. Therefore, it was not clear whether this drug class really improves survival for patients with type 2 diabetes. But now the meta-analysis included data from several clinical studies with almost 175 thousand patients with type 2 diabetes and showed that this class of drugs, the SGLT-2 inhibitors, is better for survival as two other drug classes for type 2 diabetes.
The second important medical topic from 2018 today: antipsychotics should be avoided, especially on an intensive care unit.
Two clinical studies were published in 2018. In the first clinical study, almost 1800 patients in intensive care units were randomised. They had an increased risk for delirium. In the second clinical study, 566 patients in intensive care units were randomised. They already had developed a delirium. In these two clinical studies, there were no differences between treatment with antipsychotic medication and placebo. And because antipsychotic medication can cause numerous severe side effects, we should avoid them if possible.