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Am Samstag, 9. September 2017 hat ein Tribute für den in diesem Jahr verstorbenen Medientheoretiker Armin Medosch stattgefunden – mit Talk, Dinner und Party. Fahir Amir, Darko Fritz, jaromil, Camel, Shu Lea Cheang, Walter Gröbchen, mukul, Felix Stalder, James Stevens, Franz Xaver, Ina Zwerger und weitere Freunde und Gäste werden anwesend sein. Radio FRO hat die Veranstaltung live übertragen.


Armin Medosch (1962-2017) has long been associated with Stadtwerkstatt in Linz. As a collaborator with its director Franz Xaver – projects including /Waves-Liquid Territories/(2008), /Der Bakensender/ (2011), as curator for Eleonore residency (/fieldworks/, 2013), as writer for Versorgerin, among many articles, /From Total Recall to Digital Dementia – Ars Electronica 2013/(2013), his presence at Stadtwerkstatt is deeply felt and missed. On the occasion of STWST48x3, the third edition of STWST48 hosted by Stadtwerkstatt, we hold a tribute to Armin Medosch.

We explore the legacy of Armin Medoschs work from the perspective of „free research“. Long before artistic research became a fundable category, Armin engaged in a various independent, non-institutional research endeavors at the intersection of art, media and politics: from navigating the Baltic Sea on the MS Stubnitz to build open mesh-networks in London, exploring media piracy in Taiwan to contribute to the history of early media art in Croatia and internationally and to develop the Timeline – Tracing Information Society with TECHNOPOLITICS, a free research group in Vienna. What can we take from his particular approach of developing a free research as an interdisciplinary practic for the future?