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On today’s show, we’ll be presenting a selection of rare folk and songwriter music from the 30s through to the 70s. Our special guest is Mickey Murphey from Northern Ireland who will play some instrumental folk guitar tunes live before joining one of the hosts for a final song. Enjoy 🙂

Boxer John: http://www.boxerjohn.com
Mickey Murphey: https://www.facebook.com/MickeyMurphyGuitar/


Fremdmaterial in The Vintage Underground 18 (Mickey Murphey)
Today Is The Highway by Eric Anderson ©
Banks of the Claudie by Fred and Vinvola Redden ©
Mary of the Mountains by The Humblebums ©
The Dark Eyed Sailor by Folkdove ©
Seamus O Brian by Fred Townsend ©
Candy Man Blues by Mississippi John Hurt ©
John Henry by Odetta ©
Dicey Reilly by Sweeney's Men ©
My Son John by Tim Hart & Maddy Prior ©
Gum Tree Canoe by Warren Fahey & The Larrikins ©
Sally Free and Easy by Wizz Jones ©
Ski Slope Shuffle by Mickey Murphey ©
Tohair Dom Do Lamh/ Off To California by Mickey Murphey ©
Fragile by Mickey Murphey ©
Blues Run The Game by Boxer John & Mickey Murphey ©