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When The World Comes To An End, Move To Vienna … – Because Everything Happens There 20 Years Later!

///// an Afro-futuristic piece on racism and fear of the future


///// Interview with the author about
///// afropolitan time travelling ///// Djing in London Vienna and New York ///// forever together with wienwoche ///// 50 years later quoting Gustav Mahler in Afro textured hair salons ///// confronting and fighting white power – THE TIME IS NOW!

Weltpremiere anläßlich der wienwoche 2016 (16.-25. Sept 2016)

It is 1999 and London based DJ Eunikoro Rhensarai gets into her time machine intending to travel back to 1974.
However something goes wrong and she ends up in an afro textured hair salon in Vienna still in 1999 instead.

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