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TURBO-RADIO™// JUGENDWART SPEZIAL with Balthasar Katharsis // 21.07.2016 // RADIOFABRIK SALZBURG
As WTJT 2016 draw nearer and nearer and we were talking about having Balthasar on the show since months we finally have him in!
There’s a lot we could talk about: WTJT 2016 and it’s really stunning programme (which is covered very good already in „Turbojugend Radio“ Episode 28 of Tschebesta and B.Engel – have a listen!), the growing of Turbojugend and it’s illnesses and troubles while doing so (rules and shit), Balthasars European eye on current political and cultural events in the states (Trump vs. Clinton, Baton Rouge, Dallas etc) and still not everything is pointed out…
One thing is sure: It’ll be an interesting show with a veteran and important man behind the scenes of the Turbojugend, called Jugendwart or Balthasar Katharsis or Markus Diefenthaler.
You better tune in, if you wanna get quicker into that special WTJT-mode only a week before you hit Hamburg, sailorette or sailor!
  1. Rick Springfield – Celebrate Youth (12″ Mix)
  2. The Turbo A.C.’s – Live To Win
  3. The Damned – Fanclub



Thursday, August 18th 2016

Chances has it, that we come up with WTJT-special crap and interviews made drunk on the Reeperbahn. Watch out!