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Ramin Siawash’s Interview with Ibrhaim Al Bayat, a Refugee from Irak living in Vienna in Saia Roshan Information show on refugees. Mr. Al Bayat said his unsaids what’s going on behind the refugees, the way how he has arrived and also #Government want to send him back to Croatia becuase some issues that as he says ‚it’s somehow illigal and the way i have passed to Austria was the same with other refugees but now after six month having White Card (Refugees Permit ID Card) they reject it and want me to leave Austria to Croatia ASAP‘  to know more about Al Bayat’s situation, listen to the show here.


#Also at the of this Show we have put a special feature (Anthem_Mixed of different Countries by their own people) of our programm we made last week for Neulandfüralle/ New Land for All, the special programm of all free radios in Wien which was broadcasting parallel in all free radios in Wien for yours.


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