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Episode 3 of „Volunteer Stories” sees host Lettice Wigby interview guest Conny about her experience volunteering as a Scout Leader for 6 years in Vienna, Austria. During the interview Lettice and Conny will discuss the types of activities Scouts do, what skills you gain from being a Scout, what the best camp-fire food is, and Conny’s favourite Scouting memories.

Lettice is delighted to interview Conny as Scouts and Girl Guides are two volunteer organisations close to her heart. Thanks to both organisations Lettice has travelled to many countries, made lots of friends, tried lots of exciting activities and gained valuable life skills. Lettice is eternally indebted to the volunteers who help these organisations operate and is pleased to be able to share Conny’s story.

Episode 3 of „Volunteer Stories” also features music by musicians who have been Scouts or Girl Guides including Dave Clarke who is in a band called „The Winterbourne Project” and Emily Grimes who is in a band called „Concept”.

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