• The Vintage Underground 11 (Wanjo Banjo)
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It was quite difficult to put a name to this episode’s theme so the best I can describe it is that we will be introducing sixties and seventies folkish music with something of an old world flavour to it and occasional psychedelic punctuation points. Our guests will be the Austrian band „Wanjo Banjo“ who will perform familiar folk songs from England and America that have been translated and interpreted in the lower-Austrian dialect before joining one of the hosts for one last number.


byAmazing Blondel
2.Message to the Harlequin
byTim Hollier
3.Strangely Strange but Oddly Normal
byDr Strangely Strange
byThe Strawbs
5.You Get Brighter
byThe Incredible String Band
6.Woodland Bop
byTyrannosaurus Rex
7.Mithril Melon
byYellow Autumn
8.Willow Tree
byTudor Lodge
9.Mr Bumble
10.While My Castle’s Burning
byRoger Rodier
11.Life is a Dream
12.Wer Waaß Scho Wo d’zeit Is (Who Knows Where The Time Goes Austrian Dialect cover Live On This Show)
byWanjo Banjo
13.Zuggapubbal (Doc Bogg’s Sugar Baby Austrian Dialect Cover Live On This Show)
byWanjo Banjo
14.Tiaf Im Wold (In The Pines Llewellyn Brothers Austrian Dialect Cover Live On This Show)
byWanjo Banjo
15.Sammy’s Bar (Cyril Tawney Cover Live On This Show)
byBoxer John & Wanjo Banjo