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ANSTATT tells a story happening in Vienna. It explores the different ways to live and experience one city. Two characters narrate one day in Vienna and their narratives mix throughout the piece until it seems we are dealing with one person. Additionally the sound piece highlights the soundscapes of Vienna as a third character. The represented field recordings echo  the content of the character’s impressions throughout their day. Due to their atmospheric use they develop a distinct  narrative on their own.

ANSTATT is an attempt to  propose a polar meeting: what do we imagine about Vienna and what is its real acoustic representation? It’s real inhabitants? Finally confronting the majestic Vienna with other identities, more down to earth.

ANSTATT is non-fiction turned into fiction : it has been co-written by Barbara Huber (AT) and Léa Promaja (FR). Written in English and German, the text is based on the author’s personal experience and relation to Vienna.


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