The timeline is a tool to explore the Cultural Broadcasting Archive via an interactive interface. The archive is used by over 12 Austrian free radio stations for the publication and exchange of radio broadcasts since 1999. It became a big and totally open collection of alternative media coverage within the last years. Until now mainly in German. The longer it is online, it becomes more and more a time document which stores e.g. the cultural or political happenings of different regions and is in this way an essential extension of current public archives. At the same time, a political solution in order to guarantee and promote civil social, free media projects is not in sight. The access to filed free cultural content is increasingly subject to legal regulations and is thus massively aggravated for the benefit of commercial utilisation. Therefore the timeline opens the access to free media content by visualising the content in an unconventional way. On the one hand this is a further step of lowering the access to cultural content - on the other hand it brings you a new experience of exploration of the archive. requirements:
at least 1024x768 resolution
flash player 9.0


The interface combines two basic approaches of data-visualisation:

1. timeline
Results (the archived radio broadcasts) are displayed as balls on a timeline. The horizontal position on the timeline tells you when the broadcast was produced.

2. semantic map
A color circle is drawn around the timeline. Six colors represent the main topics and fade into another. (e.g. "Politics" or "Media").
Dependent on the topic under the broadcast has been filed, the colour and position of the ball changes. A mixing of topics (like "Media politics") changes the position of the ball within the color circle and it's color. This tells you at a glance what certain broadcasts are about. Rotate the timeline around the x-axis to get all broadcasts of a specific topic to the front.

This part shows and explains the elements the timeline is consisting of and it will hopefully ease the - anyway easy - use.  
Use the timeline interface to search the archive with one or more search terms.
Choose a time period within to search.
Choose a broadcast to only get results which are filed under it. Combine it with a keyword to confine you results.
Select "draw lines" to display the connections from the timeline to a ball. This will help you understand the 3d principle and let you see exactly, when a broadcast was produced. De-select it to just see the balls without any connection to the timeline.
Use your mouse to drag and rotate the timeline.
You can also use the cursor keys of your keyboard or click on the arrows of the cross.
The rainbow shows you which topic is in front. Beside it's colour you can see the name of the topic.
Go over a ball and a small window will appear which tells you the title, date of production, topic and a small text of the broadcast. Click on it to get the whole information.
The bright area on the bottom of the interface shows you wich time period you are currently viewing. Put your mouse on the left or right border and two arrows will appear. Click and drag to increase or decrease your view / zoom in or out.
Concept & realisation: Mario Kishalmi, Ingo Leindecker & Doris Prlić  
The timeline is also a part of the audio-visual installation "Out Of Demand"
visit outofdemand.fro.at
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