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[Afghanistan] is not safe - Parwiz Kawa
17:24 Min.
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe [Afghanistan] ist nicht sicher 18. November 2019
[Afghanistan] is not safe Today we talk to Parwiz Kawa. He is a Human Rights Defender, Media Specialist and Journalist in Hasht e Subh Daily Newspaper (in English, 8 a.m.) in Afghanistan. In his capacity as the Editor in Chief of the...
Hello Africa
58:56 Min.
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe RADIO MWABONWA - FdR 2015 17. April 2018
Macdonald Chiemezie Nwokeji says hello to our partners from Zongwe FM 105,0 MHz in the southern Province of Sambia, especially to patience kabuku and kennedy kambole, who spent 2015 a few weeks in austria and contributed to the project...
Voice of Peace #19
58:10 Min.
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Voice of Peace 18. November 2016
Für diese Show hat Sofiya Darsaniya mit Michael Hennermann, dem Geschäftsführer des Obdachlosen Verein gesprochen. Außerdem erfahren wir mehr über die Schlacht um Mossul von Hameed Abu-Ragheef, woran Emad Husso mit einer Einführung...
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Hörlabor Reloaded 2.8.2016
59:00 Min.
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Hörlabor Reloaded 02. August 2016
In dieser Ausgabe des Hörlabor Reloaded gibt es folgende Themen zu hören: – To be a Journalist – das Leben als Journalist im Irak – René Foidl – Summer School of the University of New Orleans in Innsbruck...
Amy Goodman on Journalism and "Democracy Now!"
09:27 Min.
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe VON UNTEN - Das Nachrichtenmagazin auf Radio Helsinki 29. Oktober 2014
VON UNTEN talked to journalist and media activist Amy Goodman, host of the daily news hour Democracy Now! We met Amy Goodman in Graz, where she spoke at the Elevate Festival 2014. In the interview Amy talks about what inspires her, who...
Civilmedia09, Day1: Community Funded Journalism (David...
51:46 Min.
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Civilmedia 12. November 2009
As valuable as unpaid citizen journalism may be: detailed inquiries and editorial work become impossible without corresponding compensation for the time it takes. Community funding can be an interesting option in strengthening the...
Civilmedia 08: Day 1: Internet Journalism and Education...
20:45 Min.
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Civilmedia 04. Dezember 2008
Civilmedia 08 – „Cultures – Participaton – Dialogue“: The Civilmedia is an annual international UnConference, organised by Radiofabrik Salzburg in co-operation with VFRÖ. This year it took place at the end of the...