With Bernhard „Doomchild“ Tischler

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 10pm to midnight (CET), Seeds of Doom (The Misery Show) celebrates the oldest and purest form of Metal: Doom. Behind the wall of sleep, there are roughly 45 years of eerily beautiful, slow-as-molasses music to choose from and worship – ranging from the first rumblings of Coven and Black Sabbath to new releases by the young (i.e.: born-too-late) heroes of the genre.

Apart from pure Doom, however, Proto-Metal, NWoBHM, Epic(us) Metal(licus), slow Death Metal etc. are thrown into the cauldron for good measure. In short: all things slow and heavy find their solemn home here – provided that they are filled with heart’s blood and a healthy dose of contempt for hypes and trends.

This official successor to long-running Metal show ‘Sun Of The Sleepless’ includes specials such as relevant and revered musicians’ playlists and DJ sets, studio guests, the odd bit of (odd) literature – and much of madness and more of sin.

For any kind of criticism, praise, support, requests, playlists, etc. feel free to drop a line.

Now let us dig deep into the dark soil of Doom, and let its sombre seeds sprout and prosper!

Sendezeit: Jeden 1. Dienstag im Monat ab 22 Uhr
Kontakt: SeedsOfDoomRadio(at)gmail(dot)com
Links: www.facebook.com/SeedsOfDoomRadio