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    Nadia GHULAM
    Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Saia Roshan 08. März 2019 — “Nadia Ghulam Dastgir was born in Kabul (Afghanistan) in 1985. Her life, like many other Afghan women, has been marked by the...
    33:19 Min.
    Faiqa HEMATI
    Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Saia Roshan 21. Februar 2019 — „when I was born – I was a refugee. Due to conflict in Afghanistan, I went to Iran, there I was refugee too – when I turn back...
    28:21 Min.
    Sama YASIN
    Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Saia Roshan 10. Januar 2019 — Sama Yasin is an Iraki woman in Austria - she is talking about her activities in Vienna, Asutria and the way she left Irak to Europe...
    28:56 Min.
    Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Saia Roshan 17. Januar 2019 — Bahar is an Afghan woman refugee in Austria - she talks about her live, way to Europe and her activities in Vienna, Austria.  
    27:00 Min.
    In this programme Ramin Siawash invites authorities, refugees, social activists and supporters. Ramin and his guest talk about their situation, special needs and challenges, unsaid thoughts of refugees and possible ways of solution. The show is in Dari, Pashto, English and German language.

    Everyone interested who is in touch with refugees can participate in this radio show an speak about his or her experiences.

    Note: you can listen to SAIA ROSHAN show every Thursday from 05:30 to 06:00 PM in Radio ORANGE 94.0 in Austria.

    Ramin Siawash, born in 1993 in Kabul/Afghanistan, lives since November 2015 in Austria. A graduate in business administration, journalism and IT computer science, Ramin Siawash has worked for seven years as a teacher, journalist and media specialist as well as human rights instructor (i.e. the Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan). He is a founder and president of Kara Educational Center in Afghanistan. While in Vienna, he participated as an Afghan...

    Mehr Infos zu dieser Station Orange 94.0