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Emran Talk - Juli 2017
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Emran Talk 20. Juli 2017 — Beschreibung in Arbeit
61:18 Min.

Emran Show is a broadcast about Refugee, since I am from Afghanistan i would like to speak about it, I would compare situations and differences between Austria and Afghanistan, specially cultures.

Sometimes I make an interview with a social employees of helping organizations such as Caritas or so, I give information about Refugees that Not every Refugee is a bad guy 😉. This Show is live, thirty minutes in Dari or Farsi and thirdy minutes in German and English. I should mention that I invite people in my Show to speak together so That way I can learn somewhat German language too and keep it in your mind there are a bunch of great Musics that would be fun!!!

سلام وقت بخیر خدمت شما شنوندگان عزیز امیدوارم همیشه شاداب سرحال وایام بکامتان. بنده عمران شریفی هستم از رادیو (فرو) FRO مایل هستم اطلاعات کوچکی در باره...

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