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Beiträge aus dem Jahr 2016
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Innuendo 2_2016: Innuendo
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Innuendo 01. März 2016 — Breaking up is hard to do, as Neil  Sedaka sings in this very last Innuendo show, but sometimes you simply have to call it quits...
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117:52 Min.
Innuendo 1_2016: "J'aime la France"
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Innuendo 12. Januar 2016 — Opening the 2016 season of "Innuendo", and as a sort of reminder of the events of January 7th 2015, I had two wonderful guests in...
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56:36 Min.
Bi-weekly infotainment show tackling the issues that concern us, as young, open, modern society, on a weekly basis.
The soundtrack tries to follow the headlines, and most of the subjects are inspired by the daily newspapers and TV channels, both online and off, which, as a self-declared news addict, I follow continuously.

I am trying to render a somewhat optimistic if down-to-earth big-pictured perspective on the concerns that are, usually, over-dramatized and exaggerated in the mainstream big media. The key word here is rather common sense than provocation.


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