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Black Lives Matter FM is the result of all facticities what innocent African-American teenagers are easily killed by police or placed wrongly jailed, and here in Austria, which has won two "Cold Cases" of Omofuma and Sheibane Wague and other, which sometimes for a trifle in the custody of police violence is done. Currently, many young Africans die Saharan outside the gates of Europe in the Mediterranean.

Assuming that unites us Africans beyond the given geographical borders, and those problems in the world, we want to convey a sophisticated, dignified and constructive importance of Africa and this continent - in contrast to the former Austrian reporting - rehabilitate and otherwise cultivate people differently.

Black Lives Matter FM wants to create a discursive space for all orientations, the own orientation is clear: No racism, no sexism, no age phobia, no fat phobia, no disability phobia, no homo-trans-gender phobia and no hatred ideology.

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