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Behind the scenes ep. 2 with American opera director and...
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Behind the scenes 08. Februar 2017 — Thaddeus Strassberger talks about what has Wall street taught him about being efficient working with people on stage, shares...
58:56 Min.
Behind the scenes ep. 01 with British conductor Leo McFall
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Behind the scenes 11. Januar 2017 — British conductor Leo McFall talks about leadership, time management, musical energy, on challenges on and off stage and the...
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58:57 Min.
Curious insights into the world of art.

Easy talks about the performing arts, music and backstage life.

Mastering the skills, keeping yourself in the best possible physical and mental shape, being unique and different, staying creative: how to deal with these issues while keeping a balance between work and life.

On and off stage, people contribute perspectives, tips and ideas which you can apply to your daily life. Improve your performance and enrich your emotional world by broadening your knowledge, sensitivity and perception towards music and the performing arts.

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