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Beiträge aus dem Jahr 2016
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Arabic Literature History: Pre-Islamic Era
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe Al Kassas – The Storyteller 30. April 2016
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55:20 Min.

Telling The Story of Arabic Literature

In this program Ammar Fadloun and Mohammad Khair Al Tawil are going to make a brief explanation of the Arabic literature and its main historical literary phases.
We discuss reasons of growth and recession of each literary phase with citation of poetry or prose of prominent poets and writers.

We mention the mutual interaction of Arabic literature with different cultures.
We use references specialized in this art.

This radio programme is meant to shed light on Arabic culture but in a brief simplified way and it is not meant to be a professional research.We adopt the form of storytelling in presenting it.

The history of Arabic literature:
Scholars sorted the history of Arabic literature in two different ways: Some scholars sorted the history chronologically.Others depended on different topics in sorting the various literary genres. We try to merge...

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