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AI LAB Radio #1: Stephanie Dinkins
30:00 Min.
Mehr Infos zu dieser Sendereihe AI LAB Radio 10. September 2020
In the first AI LAB Radio show we are broadcasting an interview with the transmedia artist Stephanie Dinkins.

A 5-part radio broadcast of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab (AI LAB) about AI, bias and/or gender.

From the perspective of 13 major cultural operators in Europe (Ars Electronica, Center for Promotion of Science, Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, Laboral, Kapelica Gallery, Science Gallery Dublin, Onassis Cultural Center, The Culture Yard / clickfestival, GLUON, Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences, SOU Festival, le lieu unique, Waag), the AI LAB centers visions, expectations and fears that we associate with the conception of a future, all-encompassing artificial intelligence. Through an extensive activity programme in the form of exhibitions, labs, workshops, conferences, talks, performances, concerts and residencies the project fosters interdisciplinary work, transnational mobility and intercultural exchange. In our Radio show we will give insight into projects by different female artists whose work focuses on the topic...

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