The EU-Solidarity Corps Community in Salzburg
Thirty minutes to meet the european volunteers in Salzburg. In every episode a volunteer will introduce his/her project (=working place) as a participant in the European Solidarity Corps.

Volunteers will speak freely about their experience, what it feels like to be a foreigner in Salzburg and share a little something of their own culture.

The radio show is also a way to discover opportunities for young people from Salzburg/Austria to spend some time abroad as an EU-Volunteer and act for a more united world.

“United in Europe” is coordinated by Alicia, one of the current volunteers in Salzburg, for Akzente Salzburg. Akzente is the Coordinating Organisation for ESC in Salzburg.

Sendezeiten: Jeden 3. Donnerstag im Monat von 19:06 bis 20:00 Uhr