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  • Rumble Radioshow 01.10.2007
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Playlist (10pm – 11pm):
RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS – Catch Your Eye (Gearhead CD)
CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT – Bullshit City (Off The Hip CD)
HACK MACK JACKSON – Coming Home (Promo CD)
DOME LA MUERTE AND THE DIGGERS – In Your Head (Area Pirata 7″)
VIV PRINCE EXPERIENCE – Where Do We Go From Here (Area Pirata 7″)
WHYS – Surf Addict (Dionysus CD)
NUTHINS – Paid The Price (Dionysus 7″)
HOLY CURSE РLong Gone (442̬me Rue CD)
HELLACOPTERS – The Same Lame Story (Bootleg Booze 7″)
MESS MAKERS – Blacktown (Off The Hip CD)
LOVER! – Gun In Your Face (Empty CD)
STERICS – If You See Kay (Wizzard In Vinyl CD)
HIGHER STATE – And In Time (State 7″)
SEDUCERS – Good To Have You Back (Ritchie CD)
LOMBEGO SURFERS – Fuzzy Beach (Flight 13 CD)
PRESIDENT FETCH – Neo Fetch (Heptown CD)

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