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Mike Ott presents his second feature length film at the Vienna International Film Festival: „Littlerock“ got much in common with his first feature „Analog Days“, they share a certain handwriting, certain topics and even a caracter. But „Littlerock“ adds a new layer to the world of „Analog Days“: Atsuko and her brother Rintaro are from Japan and on a trip to the US. They strand in this kind of middle-of-nowhere-town called Littlerock. And as the get to know the town and the people living there, their attidute towards the US starts to change. If it makes them more comfortable or if it increases their disappointment in the US one can’t always tell. But as foreigners they start to connect with people who feel as foreign in their homeland as no visitors could feel. And in the end we learn why Atsuko and Rintaro came to the US and see a whole new aspect of the story. Mike Ott’s talking about the origin of „Littlerock“, the characters and main themes in his movie.

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25. Oktober 2010
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25. Oktober 2010
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25. Oktober 2010, 17:30
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