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Tête de Mort

» Ange On Strings, album One, Two… is a live recording by Angelika Reichert – vocals –
Rina Kaçinari – cello – and Mikala Nörgaard – electric guitar on track 1 & 3,
acoustic guitar on track 2 & 4.
This CD is a recording of the musical transcription of four art works by artist Saâdane Afif
made for the exhibitions „One“ at the F.R.A.C. des Pays de Loires and „Two…“ at the F.R.A.C.
Basse Normandie, held in spring 2008. Afif commissioned the writer Judicael Lavrador
to compose lyrics in connection with each art work, keeping their original titles while scripting
personal interpretations. These lyrics were passed on to musician Angelika Reichert to create
the compositions recorded here. «
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