• Rumble Radioshow 02.04.2007
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Playlist (10pm – 11pm):
DOLLHOUSE – With My Heart & Soul (Off The Hip CD)
KINGS RANSOM – Without You (Arf Arf CD)
BRAIN EATERS – From Hell With Love (Nicotine CD)
SOUNDS UNLIMITED – Cool One (Kumquat May CD)
PINK FITS – Don’t Ask Why (Outback RnR CDS)
BARONS – Now You’re Mine (Fossil CD)
SIRENS – Tear Me Down (Musick CD)
MISSING LINKS – Wild About You (Half A Cow CD)
JOHNNY CASINO & THE SECRETS – Trying To Be Your Man (Off The Hip CD)
DICK ST. JOHN – You Know What I Mean (Kumquat May CD)
C.W. STONEKING – Way Out In The World (Voodoo Rhythm CD)
CIRKIT – Yesterday We Laughed (Kumquat May CD)
DT’S – Turn Loose (Get Hip CD)
YO YOS – The Raven (Kumquat May CD)
PAUL COLLINS BEAT – All Over Town (Get Hip CD)
LUDELLA BLACK – He’s Out There (Damaged Goods CD)
STOLEN CARS – A Girl Like You (Nicotine/Ammonia CD)
GOODS – Yeah! Yeah! (Tear It Up CD)

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