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Featured releases:

*House of Riddim – Chapter II
High-quality Reggae from Austria… means: excellent production, good mixing and every track is a collaboration with outstanding artists like Michael Rose, Luckie D or Ranking Joe. Highly recommended, as you don’t get to hear well produced Reggae very often nowadays. Plus: these tunes just… rock your bones!

* Third World – Black, Gold & Green
Great new album from the veterans; actually it’s so good that they nominated it for this year’s Grammy. I am not sure if this will be the winner, but Third World’s version of Joe Higgs „There’s A Reward“ featuring Anna Fisher on Oboe would be worth a Grammy on its own.

* Whispering Lion – Real Revolution
Whispering Lion… what a fitting name for this soft-voiced singer outta California. Some exellent guitar-work on that album too – hear it first on this Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish.

Plus some more roots-niceness from Groundation, Dr. RingDing and others. Watch out for the next Roots-Edition, as we feature stuff from the „Young Tree Records“-label… one hour wikked Roots from the label’s great catalogue so far.


Thomas Kriz (Produzent/in)

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14. Januar 2006
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25. Oktober 2006
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14. Januar 2006, 19:00
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