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JOHNNY CASINO & THE SECRETS – You Still Got Nothing To Say (Off The Hip CD)

MAD DOCTORS – Black Magic (One Chord Progression CD)

RECORDETTES – Candy Store (Front Teeth CDS)

ROYAL HANGMEN – Turn Me On (Screaming Apple CD)

LOS CHICOS – Age Of Stupidity (Dirty Water CD)

SKEPTICS – Missing Link (Moody Monkey CD)

CYNICS – Zombie Walk (Get Hip CD)

MARKET SQUARES – Afternoon Tide (Market Square CDS)

HIGHER STATE – I Just Pretend (13 O’Clock CDS)

HIGHER STATE – Don’t Rund And Hide (Fruits De Mer CDS)

SETTING SON – Butterface (Bad Afro CD)

DOUGHBOYS – Love Is The Seed (RAM CD)

PRESIDENT FETCH – Liquor & Love (Angry Eskimo CD)

SEWERGROOVES – Don’t Mess With The Standards (Pitshark CD)

STRAWBERRY BLONDES – No Direction (Streetcore/Wolverine CD)

TROUBLE BOYS – Need You Love (Part CD)

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