• TURBO-RADIO™ with TURBONEGRO in interview 15.11.2012
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The band who initiated our show without intending or knowing it – finally IN our show!

Hell yeah.

Tony Sylvester aka The Duke Of Nothing aka The Saviour Of Deathpunk™ and

Happy Tom giving some straight answers and talk interesting shit about the new single „I Got A Knife“ respectively the video for it,

what the formula of Deathpunk is and how they are connected to their monsterous denimwearing fanclub Turbojugend right now.

Turn on, tune in and dropout in darkness!

Or as Whiskey A-Go-Go would say:
Listen. Drink. Obey.



Ski-King „I Got Erection“

FiL „Drum & Bass“

Generation X „Youth Youth Youth“

Rockformation Diskokugel „Jugendliche“

TRBNGR „I Got A Knife“

Hard-Ons „Radio“

Teddybears STHLM „Step On It“

Youth Gone Mad „The Times They Are A Changin'“

The Ramones „Touring (1981 Version)“

The Western Addiction „The Church Of Black Flag“

The Misfits „Hollywood Babylon“

Disguster „Rock On“

TRBNGR „Armed & Fairly Well Equipped“