• TURBO-RADIO™ WTJT 2012 Special 16.08.2012
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A special on WTJT 2012 and Turbojugend in general.

With guests Tschebesta (TJ Söngerknaben Wien), Chuck Destruction (TJ Fort Collins and more), Mutti (TJ Lohfelden) live on the phone

and Whiskey A Go-Go (TJ Hammersmith Bastards).

Jugend Talk Radio around the theme of the new TRBNGR album, Turbojugend in progress and the difficulties and misunderstandings which even

can happen to denim friends sometimes.

The last part of Chucks/Whiskeys interview you’ll find separately here on CBA.


Thanks to all of you for talking with me, thanks to the Jugend for being stronger than ever,

Yrs Mikki!

P.S. Nearly all German parts in this show are professionally bad translated to English ;  )