VENUSfrequency yogic edition 26 MAY 2023 | Sutra 3.12 | Vinyasa | Bandhas

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 26 MAY 2023 | Sutra 3.12 | Vinyasa | Bandhas
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Patanjali’s yoga sutras have been around us, below us and inside the pages of the sages…         

Sutra 3.12 remains firmly within the realm of the overall Sutras’ thesis: our enemies and allies are one; they are our own thoughts (pratyaya).  Patanjali advises us to progressively focus and still mental cognition, until only one object of concentration remains standing.  This is the sequence of dharana, dhyana, and samdhi leading towards mental silence, or nirodha, the steps in shedding those patterns of thought that we find harmful or merely distracting, and strengthening those that can give us aid.    As discribed by Chad Hallyburton and more about Sutra 3.12 in this episode and as we shed some sunlight on Surya Namaskars in the past episodes, today a bit of an insight into VINYASA, the flowy sequences of the Yoga Asana practice and some Bandhas too to bring it all together.

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3.12 The mastery called ekagrata-parinamah is the transition whereby the same one-pointedness arises and subsides sequentially.(tatah punah shanta-uditau tulya-pratyayau chittasya ekagrata-parinimah) 

  • tatah = then 
  • punah = again, sequentially 
  • shanta-uditau = the subsiding and arising, past and present 
  • tulya-pratyayau = having similar  
  • chittasya = of the consciousness of the mind-field 
  • ekagrata-parinimah = transition of one-pointedness (ekagrata = one-pointedness; parinamah = transition, transformation, of change, result, consequence, mutative effect, alteration) 

to go back, we are referring to three forms of transition in sutras 3.9-3.12. The first one  is related to the transition of the mastery of thought patterns itself. The second related to the transitioning rise of one-pointedness of mind, along with the subsiding of the many-pointedness. The third (in the current sutra) relates to the transition of the repeated rising and subsiding of the same one-pointedness. 

Once again, this witnessing and mastery over transitions themselves gives mastery over the underlying thought patterns and processes themselves. In other words, master the transitions, and you master the thought process; master the thought process, and you can go beyond, ultimately to experience the center of consciousness (1.3).  


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May we continue to Yoga together, may we realize & salute that very Source and OneNess within each other, may we continue to practice this highest of arts, grow and change together, for Unity and Peace.


Canva Sutra 3.12
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